HelloFest 9 Hype

Oh, hai.

With HF Friends

My HF Friends. Bad, bad camera..

Finally I got the chance to attend one of the greatest pop culture festivals ever held in Indonesia: HelloFest Anima Expo 9, on November 9th. Spent quite a time finding where it took place (Senayan Swimming Pool area) since usually these kind of festivals were being held inside the Jakarta Convention Center. Turns out, it’s in the same area as JCC. Feeling trolled.

Met many friends on HF (also Nick, for the first time)

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Spend Out

I just finished reading a point in a chapter of The Happiness Project (it’s a book, by Grethen Rubin, in case you’re wondering). It’s called: Spend Out.

“A few years ago, my sister gave me a box of beautiful stationery for my birthday. I loved it, but I’d never use it. When I was mailing some photos to the grandparents, I hesitated to use the new stationery because I was “saving” it; but to what better use could it be put? Of course I should use those notes.

Spend out.”

“In one of my last visits to my grandmother before she died, I picked up the My Sin perfume that had been sitting on her bureau for as long as I could remember. The bottle was still in its box, and when I opened it, I saw that it was still full to the top. I didn’t ask her about it, but I’m sure someone, many years ago, gave her that bottle of perfume and she was “saving it”. For what? After she died, I took the box home with me, and I keep it in my office to remind me to ‘Spend out.’”

I realized that I’ve always resisting on spending out things I have. Those paragraphs totally remind me of my stationery sets and art supplies I’ve bought for myself thinking that I would use that later to increase my drawing skills. Turns out that I’ve rarely used them. Also, I bought books only to leave them inside my drawer, eventhough those are interesting books with 5-stars rating.

I should spend out.

Remembering Birthdays

I.. got up early today, woken up by my dad who was upset with my alarm that wouldn’t go off. My mistake. I didn’t realize the nyan cat theme song that danced through my dream.

I went early too, but didn’t manage to arrive in time for morning prayer. The pos pengumben road has been in chaos these two days in a row. Wonder why. Took me an hour to get to office (usually only 30 mins).

Worked on two mock-up pages for check out and shopping cart. I believe the rest would be easy!

Just finished a quick drawing pose practice. I hope someday I would be able to do character illustrations with great gestures!


Now time for doing some shoshanahserly.com and a bit of Internship Report. Wish me to stay awake til then :/
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