Take a course?

Yesterday, me and my father went to inlingua. He said that he wanted me to take an English course because of my bad English.. ( he said …. ). I knew about the function of were and was when I was ten -_-” ( it’s terrible ). Before approved, I must do a test paper to know my level. It was Low Intermediate B or C. *Shierks* I couldn’t do that conversation test ! The teacher ( native teacher ) asked me some simple questions and when he asked me about time, my heart beat very fast.. dag dag dag dag. After he began to show me his watch, my heart beat faster.. argh!

“What time is it?”, glek! .. “*coughs*”, “It’s … (silent) err.. for therti.” <– this is the foolest answer I’ve ever seen. Yeah, you may get amused on this. I think you should laugh for this. The course will begin on the 6th of March 2006. It seems like that my days will be unlucky.

No linguist anymore

So that I haven’t been here for a short long time (hah). This is terrible, since I don’t have linguist in my computer and I don’t know where is my alfalink. Oh i miss you linguist *weeps*. It’s so difficult to me to write my daily activities in English. *weeps2x*

This site is still under construction. If you find any errors PLS feel free to tell me! And PLS don’t say “HEY YOU MADE A MISTAKE..!!”. English isn’t my 1st language. I knew about was and were function when I was 11. Lol its horrible. And yesterday, I got 5,7 for English paper test. Poor…. *sick*

TODAY is my cousin’s birthday. After reached his house, me and mum went to GAJAH MADA PLAZA and bought many things. I bought banana doll (hah) for the present, and an alarm clock with it’s heart shape for my breakfast in the morning lol. The other things are for my mum and my sister.

I still don’t know how to change the CENTER text-align into LEFT or even JUSTIFY. Because if I change the CENTER text-align in body tags into LEFT, you can’t view my site from IE. It’ll become VERY messed up with main image and sidebar aligned to left. So, change your browser from IE into FIREFOX so your surfing time will full of joy and happyness! (hah)

I added 1 new affiliate. She’s Jen from Pink-noise.US. She’s very kind and talented web designer so take a moment and give her a visit 8D ,,


Tanggal 13 Februari, mesen. Dibayarnya baru tanggal 22 Februari. Ah ga penting, yang penting sekarang NEW DOMAIN 8D!!~Saya membulatkan tiket eh tekad maksudnya.. untuk purchase a new domain since my hostee (?) told me that my server always down. Dia gak tahan lagi dan akhirnya dia pindah lho 8D… lagian saya juga ngerasain gimana rasanya down mulu and always complained by someone .. (ah kalian pasti tahu T_T).

Site ini saya desain khusus buat para pemakai browser firefox. Jadi, jangan komplen ya kalau terdapat banyak error di browser lain… I hate IE. Sementara itu, saya bingung kenapa per-entry text-alignnya center ya.. padahal dimana-mana dah saya ganti jadi justify .. ntah lah, begini saja sudah cukup PW khan?

Meski banyak error, lah ya dimaklumi.. sidebarnya nggeser, ah sudah biasa.. broken link.. yah begitulah .. makanya jangan segan-segan kirim KRITIK yah ;) huehuehue..

Halo lama tak jumpa

hai lama tak jumpa, saya cuma bisa ol sekarang, ini aja cuma mau nyebarin undangan wakawkakkwaa

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