maths insanity

hello all! I’m sorry I haven’t update this log for several times because of my assignments! I’m very busy these days.. and I had an illness. Then, my computer has been re-formated because of those ****** viruses that I’ve told you in my past entry. Do you remember? ;)
Today, I have assignments again. ya ya ya. I must do a chemistry portfolio homework and maths homework with 30 questions inside.

This is the story. WE used English maths book for study maths in school. The price of the book is 200.000 rupiahs or $20. In Indonesia, 200.000 rupiahs is a lil.. expensive la. Then, suddenly the teacher told us that we must buy a new one because the book isn’t match with Indonesian Curriculum =_=. I’ve been searching the book in all of book store in Jakarta but the result is nothing. So I decided to copy it from my friend’s book. But nobody can lend me the book because they haven’t made their homework too! It’s 30 questions with graphic, substitution, and elimination metode methods. The subject I studying right now is linear equation 2 variable or whatever la =_=” how to say it in english. It’s terrible you know.

Well.. it is that I wanna make a new lay out for this log, hee hee agree?

Is it anim, anim3, or animE?

I know, A LOT of people in this world loves anime. I love Hikaru no Go :D. So, how do you usually say that word? If you say it “anim” or “anim3? (monst3r), leave that bad habit. The correct spell of it is a-n-i-m-E (dEstiny). Why? I’ve read about the history of Anime in a website. It said that Anime phrase was come from Animation. But Japanese people spell that a-n-i-m-e-s-h-o-n. So, it should be animE not anim or anim3. That’s only my prediction. What’s yours?

Well, all my friends from my older blog n site, if you haven’t linked here, pls tell me!! My past server had errors so I can’t find your links .. :(

What a great day!

Hey, today is a great day! My Geograph teacher didn’t come today. My Science teacher decided to take student’s homework tomorrow, not today. My lunch was Donuts! My computer teacher gave me my friend’s artwork, it’s really amazing! And the last.. I played pip pop games (what’s that?) in Inlingua English class lol, it was sooo funny. Gosh! What a great day!

And I wanna say sorry ! for Rei. I haven’t put his link up in my sidebar because I have no time to put links and I’m busy with school works! So let congratz him for his new blog..

And, do you know? I won Marieske.NET award! and I won Ralph’s SOTM contest! Please take a moment to look ~

Well, I gonna sleep. So tired today ;) Have a nice day all!

Viruses are dead or alive?

When I thought that my life wanna be a full of happiness, then the conflict comes between me and those ****** viruses. Since my NAV (norton antivirus) trial period has expired, saya gak tahu kalau itu sudah expired, saya masih saja meneruskan my very bad habit -> nge-donlot krek (di indonesia-in.. malu ah ketauan orang luar *diJIKTAS). Until I know that the NAV trial period has expired, I seriously so scared of “them”, then I begin to find CDs which contains antivirus softwares. Firstly, I found the original Norton Antivirus CD but I can’t install it on my computer, I don’t know why. So I tried to install the other antivirus programs. My second choice was PANDA (TruPrevent), reminded about my installer CD is a last year magazine CD bonus .. It made me must do registration for the program, or it’ll won’t work. I resigned.

Because of those ****** viruses, my computer had many serious errors. What’s that ? I don’t know .. but I think it causes my computer slow down (too slow) and made me feels in a terrible situation.

So, viruses.. are dead or alive? (forgive my horrible English 8D)