Ha ha.. today, I was planning to go to mall with friends and that’s come true. I sat on the right, my friend in the middle and her brother on the left. After reached our destination, we left my car and we went to book store, Aletha (my friend) wanted to buy a pen (only+). Then we did some crazy things .. i think it wasn’t only some but many .. ya, Nano (Aletha’s younger brother) was very calm but I made him become mad and he showed his fussy attitude to me and congratulations! That I can watched Pink Panther even once lol. (not important i think).

it was a great film so that you must watch (must+). that was an awsome amusing film that I’ve ever watched (madagaskar was amusing me too+).
Today is april fools day so I wanted to fool people with my joke. I fooled my friends with a joke “Hey! Our school has burned” every people that I fooled believed that.