Good Charlotte Obsession

first, i wanna say sorry to Jen because I updated this site very late. It must be a 22 days plug, not a month. What should I do for ya? ***sob***

okay, about the title-> “good charlotte obsession”. I’ve been obsessed by Good Charlotte because their style and sense of music *argh*, I love them! xpecially the guitarist (Billy Martin), he’s very cool! I love good charlotte very much rather than green day (i’m sorry but everyone told me that billy joe amstrong is very very great and handsome and whatever.. but I don’t think so), simple plan, and the like. Fort minor, Linkin Park, is also good one because I like rap musics tee-hee.

My extracurricular is Band (weird+), I like playing guitar xpecially good charlotte’s songs but nobodies knowing them. My friends are obsessed with sux Indonesian bands. They’re never wanted to play westerns songs but I always force them to do so ! I have guitar pro 5 software so I can do that lol. The hardest thing is they don’t want to play it. What should I do ya?

Anyways.. Let’s congratulates me because no school from the 10th April until 14th April. yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah

[EDIT] NEW LAYOUT! Whaddya think? Anyways, the graffiti on the header image is made by me by using adobe photoshop and make it as digital graffiti lol. I couldn’t make real graffiti art la. The wall image from computer arts projects magazine’s CD bonus. Please feel free to send me an email if there’s any errors. Thank u ! [/EDIT]