Report Card

WOI, I got my report card today. It was MAGNIFICENT! BRAVO! BRILLIANT! MARVELOUS! ‘D’s for mathematics series.
The teacher’s comment was: Only occasionally has Visien reached the expected level of effort, working some way short of her best. If she is to achieve a higher grade in mathematics she must revise her notebook every day and she should repeat class and homework exercises as it appears that she has difficulties recalling key concepts and techniques. Thank you very much, Natalie Agustina Santoso
I received 3 certificates of excellence: English, Fundamentals of English, and Web design. I expected some cooler than them. But I knew I couldn’t since I’m not taking the Triple Science which are Biology, Chemistry, and Physics.
I just hate anyone who said “I’m not good at all. I’m dull-witted.” But they got ‘A’s on their report cards. Fuker folks :D

I Has A Dog

Like the title says: I HAS A DOG (Now). It’s a Shih Tzu (perhaps), and got it from my father. Firstly named celeng (adapted from poleng), anjing mabok, si brutal, big boss, bogem, zucky, and then EBI. But it sounded no cool, so I changed it into: ABBY
Abby .. might stands for Abigail. It’s a hope that the dog is a female. Well I don’t know how to know if it is a male or a female =\.

and The last one.. What do you think about the new template? Distracting enough, ha.
[EDIT] This template has been tested in IE7 and it looked very messy. Better download Firefox or tomorrow can be too late :D. I’m not a layout expert so.. no complaints on CSS or xHTML. Suggestions are welcomed :D [/EDIT]


People usually see the main, big problem than the solution or effort needed to throw the problem away.

for example:

the text:
Different perspective from different person.
Honestly, I saw “GOD IS NOWHERE” while the others see “GOD IS NOW HERE”.

Paper and a dot.
Take a piece of paper and draw a small dot. Ask others by saying “WHAT IS THIS?” (not what the drawing is). They must say “THAT IS A DOT” rather than “THAT IS A PAPER”.

The story about a girl who ‘draws’ her parents’ car.
This is a true story. I heard it from my CB teacher.

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