holidays are on the way

Yeah pals, just to announce that holidays are really comin’. I mean, I can sit in front of my computer and play things until a new day begins, and so on. Alas, it is likely that I’m not goin’ anywhere since there’s no funds. I went back to my past online gameSeal Online and have thrown away the Ragnarok Online. My Window$ internal hard disk capacity is not huge enough to carry’em all. That’s why.

Second, I perhaps cannot enjoy my holiday much seeing that I still have some projects to be done at least at the end of this December. My school is goin’ to run a computer competition soon in 2009. There will be a sort types of competitions such as programming competition, web design competition, etc. and I want you guys to participate if you’re still studying in SCHOOLS :D. Back to the topic, the ICC committees wanted me to re-design the current site. Hope this project finish soon. Still, other projects that I don’t want to talk about it here, and right now.

Anyone pleaseeee join my forum or for a short-cut. I’ve transformed to a portfolio site and this blog remains here for now on.

*is waiting for Christmas and New Year*