Is Thinking For a New Domain Name

The title looks like twitter status eh? xD. The truth is, I’m planning a new name because current name is going to be expired within 60 days. I already had a plan with Angga to share domain each other but later I think that it’s not going to be that easy, since we are designers and therefore we need our own place to show our portfolios. I think the idea of subdomain is not really good.. people these days are considered to be forgetful for example to remember whether a domain ends with .com, .net. or .org, and the domain name itself; and the last but not least is that: (in my opinion) domain names with our names in it will be easier to remember than those that contain sophisticated words. Noooo offensee!! ^^

Currently interested in the name sinclair/synclair. But everyone knows it’s not my real name :( and I can easily change my mind when it is about names.

How about eh? Since is not available :( *weeps*.. why is my name so strange?)