Homework From Clara

Got this from Clara:

“You are having a close relationship with someone who loves you so much. At first, you love him/her too. But you know that your feelings for him/her won’t stay any longer. And it’s true. When time goes by, the feelings for him/her faint away. While he/she still loves you much more than before (the one who loves you is an incredibly kind person) what will you do?”

“Kamu lagi deket banget sama seseorang yang sangat mencintai kamu. Awalnya, kamu juga mencintai dia. Tapi kamu tahu kalau perasaanmu itu tak akan bertahan lama. Dan benar aja. Saat waktu berjalan, perasaan kamu ke dia memudar. Padahal dy masi sangat mencintai kamu, bahkan lebih dari sebelumnya (orang yang mencintai kamu itu luar biasa baik). Apa yang akan kamu lakukan ?”

1. Do this HW
2. Tell the previous person that you’ve done it
3. Pass this to 5 of your friends

The answer is:
I’ll stay away from her because I know that I’m not well-suited for her and tell her that she shouldn’t have to love me more.

bad grammars.

I’ll pass this on to: anima, Lenn, Rama, Chrys, and Anda

I hate IE

The title says it all. Internet Explorer a.k.a. IE is a very annoying browser for some ‘lazy’ web designers including me. When I’ve finished a design, the first thing to do is to test it on major browsers whether it will or won’t work fine. First test on Firefox and it works perfectly. Second test on Opera. Third test on Camino, and so on; and finally,the last test, which is conducted on IE. Why last? Because I need to press my Macbook’s power button, click restart, and when he ‘dings’, press+hold option key, click the Windows HD icon, and voila! Congratulations I now can access IE.

The last test will always FAIL at first run. The design goes very messy. Still need to fix it with Crimson Editor and upload it to my web hosting server (since I haven’t already installed XAMPP on my Windows HD—I’m too lazy to do it) to see the differences.

Finished? BIG NO. Still need to check it on IE6, IE5, IE4, etc. and I bet it will be still messy!

I hate IE :D

Oh and anyways! Do you like my current blog design? I’m planning to change it though :(

Migration Succeeded!

Muhaaahahaa finally I got this domain name! Thanks Sylvii for your COOL recommendation xD. Gotta get used to type v i n e s a .com asap! It’s hard to decide whether it’s better to change current designs or not because I’m a person that can easily be bored and to be honest I am bored now with my designs (my main site design and this wordpress theme too). Do u guys prefer changes?

Anyways, a quick feelin’: I’m currently addicted to Facebook. I can spend hours accessing it while enjoying a sip of my plain flavoured milk. I say, I enjoy it, but not the apps. I rarely visits my apps that are related to ‘games’ more such as Mafia Wars (which is very popular o.O), Pet Society, Word Challenge, and other PlayFish™ games. That’s why I only keep Nicknames, iDescribe, Twitter, FlickR, etc. But seriously, the comment and like feature is very addicting! They’re like @ and Favourite link in Twitter xD.