Yesterday and today, so tired.

2 days ago (the day I bought external hard disk), I didn’t sleep cos I need to make name labels for artworks for my university’s design showcase. Right after I finished making them (was around 5 AM), I immediately prepared before going to campus and that means.. no sleeping, even napping. 6 AM, went to campus, took maybe half an hour or so.

Arrived, immediately went to the showcase room, stick the name labels around, on the artworks. Checking the Mac, was it doing good? Yes. Getting back sticking the labels, checking the Mac, sticking labels, checking the Mac, and so on.
Still awake without sleep, or even A NAP, let the other new students come to the showcase room, explaining to them what r the artworks about, how they did them, what subject you r going to take later, blah blah blah.

Finally got sometime to take a nap after the showcase finished, just another time for evaluation and we (my team and I) were going to unstick the artworks and classify them into different plastic bags.

And this was my evil thought. The team consists of 10 people at most, and NO ONE’S COMING TO HELP except the 3 of us.

1 was maybe going for vacation (never showed up when collecting the artworks anyway)
1 was making up stuff at her room (which was really not important at that time)
1 was .. well, going straight home. (maybe she was so busy she got no time to unstick the artworks or even listen to the evaluation)
1 was.. I don’t know at all! She’s just not showing up.
The rest? I dunno. Maybe they’re out already without us knowing.

9 PM, all the unsticking things were done, I went straight to a Japanese restaurant near campus, and began eating chicken teriyaki.

So delicious, yet tired.

Then I was occasionally sleeping while riding back home.

Special thanks to Fe (she was working reeeeeeallllyyyyy hard. She worked the hardest y’all knew it!) and Michael, our 2nd hardest worker.
Me? I just walked around and big talked. Really big one.