If I was granted one wish

I wished I could turn back time…..

Where life was still innocent and beautiful
You didn’t know which side of your life you needed to hide..
Where you could see your most hidden aspects of your life
You didn’t even know that you could be like that.. back then
When life was full of childlike dreams and hope
You got almost nothing to worry about
You were friends with most people that you didn’t even think that..”I could be friends with them?” right now
When your mother and father were still together
When you got so many freetime yet you could fill it with various activities that would be your passion a life after
I wished
Oh how I wished
I could go back to those days
My golden days
Everyone wouldn’t even think about your looks or intelligence to be your friend

I wouldn’t worry things that I didn’t suppose to worry
Old houses were so fresh. I didn’t sense big tall buildings, huge construction sites around
Things were so cute and classic
When blogging was so popular, and everyone does blogwalking everyday
When blogging was still something people don’t think of making revenue for
When personal blogs were still interesting to read
And anak mas was still 500 rupiahs each

I miss
I miss 20s’ world wide web
I miss splash screens
Minesweeper, Skifree, and Chip’s Challenge were my compaƱeros
Microsoft Frontpage was my buddy
Digimon was my television favorite
I used to phone my best friends talking non-sense

“Do you have Friendster?”
“Wanna exchange links with me?”
“Just drop a line on my Tag Board”

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