Irreplaceable Wallet

Pile of Wallets « Pile of my mother’s Wallets. They’re mostly ‘long’ enough to be called as girls’ wallet.

I got a lot of critiques regarding my wallet recently. For what I have known, my wallet is a tiny black wallet used by minimalist people (guys, and also girls). But they keep on mocking my wallet, making it seems like something inappropriate for me to bring.

A: “Visien, ini tuh dompet cowok,”
B: “Nih Vi, ni dompet kalo gue yang bawa juga semua orang percaya kalo ini dompet gue,”
C: “Kamu ulang tahun kapan sih? Aku beliin dompet baru deh.”


So I cried to my mommy to get me a new wallet

After trying here and there, I found several wallets that fit my taste, and things inside my previous wallet (cards, coupons, receipts, recipes, etc.). And all I have to say, they became very HUGE, isn’t like something that I would put inside my tiny, minimalist bag, let alone my pocket. Maybe it’s because of my unused cards collection that I like to staring at when I got nothing to do outside.

The problem had been always that.. when this wallet got its way to manage holding all of my cards, I got trouble taking my money outside of it. when the rest of the wallets got its way to make taking money out easier, it couldn’t hold even half of my cards collection.

That sucked.

So I finally made my decision.. I went back to my old wallet, HAHA! It can hold all my cards. I can easily take my money out of it. It’s not long, nor big, perfect match for pockets out there. It has two place for storing money, and I use the other place to store my coupons and receipts. It also has the place for storing photos. And the last but not least, it makes me easier to tap my Binusian Flazz card without the need to taking it out of its place. This wallet has everything I need. No need to search for replacement at the first place, anyway.

My almighty wallet and its receh companions. It still can hold some recehs before I finally put them inside my piggy bank at home

Coupons and cards. I still have more cards inside the wallet. They’re kind of unseen here :D

my middle school friends

Did I mention its slimness? (with many cards inside, for sure)

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