HelloFest 9 Hype

Oh, hai.

With HF Friends

My HF Friends. Bad, bad camera..

Finally I got the chance to attend one of the greatest pop culture festivals ever held in Indonesia: HelloFest Anima Expo 9, on November 9th. Spent quite a time finding where it took place (Senayan Swimming Pool area) since usually these kind of festivals were being held inside the Jakarta Convention Center. Turns out, it’s in the same area as JCC. Feeling trolled.

Met many friends on HF (also Nick, for the first time)

Meeting my highschool friends right before HF.

Meeting my highschool friends right before HF.

With Nick

Bad camera, bad angle. This image was heavily tweaked!

Oh man, I should get a real camera. Taking pictures with my current battery-so-leaking phone was a real pain ita.

Then went for a dinner with them @ GI. Wandering around at Gramedia while waiting for the rest of my friends to arrive. Then I saw this:

Bunch of Moleskine Notebooks


Closer look on them..

Closer look on them..





Purchased my first moleskine notebook, and another for Fu.


Learning to draw Rilakkuma… I know this looks useless.

Some random doodles..

Some random doodles..

Maybe I’ll post my thoughts about this overrated Moleskine thingy.

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