Remembering Birthdays

I.. got up early today, woken up by my dad who was upset with my alarm that wouldn’t go off. My mistake. I didn’t realize the nyan cat theme song that danced through my dream.

I went early too, but didn’t manage to arrive in time for morning prayer. The pos pengumben road has been in chaos these two days in a row. Wonder why. Took me an hour to get to office (usually only 30 mins).

Worked on two mock-up pages for check out and shopping cart. I believe the rest would be easy!

Just finished a quick drawing pose practice. I hope someday I would be able to do character illustrations with great gestures!


Now time for doing some and a bit of Internship Report. Wish me to stay awake til then :/
Happy birthday to Sharleen and Serly! Sorry for the last minute birthday cards. At least it’s still sent in Nov 6, 11:50 pm xD

serly bday card

sharz bday card

These cards was a result of my immediate action after reading Gretchen’s point on “remembering birthdays”. Although they’re just cards, they help me remember others’ birthdays and also making ourselves happier. Bet people will be smiling, even a lil bit, after getting something finally not inside their Facebook wall.

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