Remembering Birthdays

I.. got up early today, woken up by my dad who was upset with my alarm that wouldn’t go off. My mistake. I didn’t realize the nyan cat theme song that danced through my dream.

I went early too, but didn’t manage to arrive in time for morning prayer. The pos pengumben road has been in chaos these two days in a row. Wonder why. Took me an hour to get to office (usually only 30 mins).

Worked on two mock-up pages for check out and shopping cart. I believe the rest would be easy!

Just finished a quick drawing pose practice. I hope someday I would be able to do character illustrations with great gestures!


Now time for doing some and a bit of Internship Report. Wish me to stay awake til then :/
Happy birthday to Sharleen and Serly! Sorry for the last minute birthday cards. At least it’s still sent in Nov 6, 11:50 pm xD Continue reading