Don’t Say We Love Genius

Genius PenTablet 8x6

What I’ve experienced last week. I was in a hurry of getting a graphic tablet because it’s really a bad thing if you left something that was not belong to you for almost 1 year (thanks for your patience anyways). I needed this for my procrastinating projects. I started to feel uncomfortable if I use Pen Tool rather than graphic tablet. With GT I could express what’s in my mind freely. Not complicated, not fulfilled with complicity.

I thought it was only IDR 700,000. So I just went directly to the store with an enough cash in hand. The girl said to me that she was sorry for telling me the wrong price. It’s IDR 1,350,000 for the latest version of Graphire.

She got me.

And after a long pause––she said,
“The size is similar with this (points to the MousePen).”

It was big, and .. certainly cheap. There’s a mouse provided. Unlike WACOM (I regretted for what I’ve said). I could get them all for only IDR 500,000.

But, I suddenly remembered what my teacher had told me. “It’s very regretful, if you choose Genius.” So, I decided to firstly test the product. I didn’t know if a product goes to the right side or bad side. Tried it out.

And the conclusion is: Don’t say we love Genius.

There was pen pressure, as the box said, but I couldn’t feel it..
There was no double click feature..
Its surface was not smooth..
There was no eraser..

Don’t say we love Genius, even though I already know that you will definitely hate him ;D.

(P.S. I didn’t bring him home!)