It has been so incredibly long that I’ve left this little tiny writing space alone. Yea I know that you may guess the main reason is goin’ to be ended at Ragnarok Online. But really, it WAS not. I didn’t play Ragnarok Online for almost 2 weeks. A very magical moment.

So, what kind of thing that could replace the existence of this f***in addicting game?
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Ragnarok Online

I apologize to you guys who have subscribed my feed to your choice RSS reader (eh? am I a way too narcissistic? :D), for not sending any entries, ’til now. Guess what thing has been captured my interest? No way you haven’t seen the title first before reading this post :). This game is more more more addicting that the last one, Seal Online. It’s because I didn’t know what kind things should I put into my cart and get my character idle for hours, vending in Midgar until I got enough cash to buy headgears. In Seal Online, every classes can do vend. So, I was just up ’til 1 AM and went to bed, waiting for cash with my character vended in Shiltz.
Cuz of this new interest, I come up with a site (AGAIN?) to store my screenshots (since I’m in love of capturing moments in online games) called link disabled.
Why Edward?

  • I’m in love with TWILIGHT SAGA series by Stephenie Meyer. I’ll post the entry about it as soon as possible.
  • I play by using male character instead of female character. And I named it Pisco. Inspired by Aoyama Gosho work, Case Closed. Name of an alcoholic drink. Please don’t misunderstand by calling it “Pisang Coklat”. I’m hating that

If you do play Ragnarok Online (Indonesia) in Fun and Chat server. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know your name, and we can be friends ^_^