Yesterday and today, so tired.

2 days ago (the day I bought external hard disk), I didn’t sleep cos I need to make name labels for artworks for my university’s design showcase. Right after I finished making them (was around 5 AM), I immediately prepared before going to campus and that means.. no sleeping, even napping. 6 AM, went to campus, took maybe half an hour or so.

Arrived, immediately went to the showcase room, stick the name labels around, on the artworks. Checking the Mac, was it doing good? Yes. Getting back sticking the labels, checking the Mac, sticking labels, checking the Mac, and so on.
Still awake without sleep, or even A NAP, let the other new students come to the showcase room, explaining to them what r the artworks about, how they did them, what subject you r going to take later, blah blah blah.

Finally got sometime to take a nap after the showcase finished, just another time for evaluation and we (my team and I) were going to unstick the artworks and classify them into different plastic bags.

And this was my evil thought. The team consists of 10 people at most, and NO ONE’S COMING TO HELP except the 3 of us.

1 was maybe going for vacation (never showed up when collecting the artworks anyway)
1 was making up stuff at her room (which was really not important at that time)
1 was .. well, going straight home. (maybe she was so busy she got no time to unstick the artworks or even listen to the evaluation)
1 was.. I don’t know at all! She’s just not showing up.
The rest? I dunno. Maybe they’re out already without us knowing.

9 PM, all the unsticking things were done, I went straight to a Japanese restaurant near campus, and began eating chicken teriyaki.

So delicious, yet tired.

Then I was occasionally sleeping while riding back home.

Special thanks to Fe (she was working reeeeeeallllyyyyy hard. She worked the hardest y’all knew it!) and Michael, our 2nd hardest worker.
Me? I just walked around and big talked. Really big one.

I hate IE

The title says it all. Internet Explorer a.k.a. IE is a very annoying browser for some ‘lazy’ web designers including me. When I’ve finished a design, the first thing to do is to test it on major browsers whether it will or won’t work fine. First test on Firefox and it works perfectly. Second test on Opera. Third test on Camino, and so on; and finally,the last test, which is conducted on IE. Why last? Because I need to press my Macbook’s power button, click restart, and when he ‘dings’, press+hold option key, click the Windows HD icon, and voila! Congratulations I now can access IE.

The last test will always FAIL at first run. The design goes very messy. Still need to fix it with Crimson Editor and upload it to my web hosting server (since I haven’t already installed XAMPP on my Windows HD—I’m too lazy to do it) to see the differences.

Finished? BIG NO. Still need to check it on IE6, IE5, IE4, etc. and I bet it will be still messy!

I hate IE :D

Oh and anyways! Do you like my current blog design? I’m planning to change it though :(

WannaB sucks

I’m in 12th grade now, the class has also been reset. There only are 3 classes now (were 4) and I’m in the third class (12.3). Why is it? It’s because there were so many of our classmates gone to other countries, either to go to college or directly get into universities.

One of’em is my best friend (and other’s too). He’s gonna go to Monash. We have to do something before he left, that is.. what he is excited for most, recordings.. That’s why he took us to WannaB recording studio yesterday. He had already prepared the Japanese instrumentals that are might not available in the studio. The worst, he ordered me to bring my heavy macbook in case of something unpleasant happened.

Believe me, the place was really.. small.. for a studio, but no doubt.. my sister was with us because she knew that the studio was good (she got the information from her vocal teacher). This made something awful looked perfect.

We recorded 6 songs: Ingatlah Hari Ini, Goyang Duyu, Fated, Lucky, I’m Yours, and Hold and Cold. We spent 160,000 IDR for a package of 6 songs. Two of our team had gone home because they got other appointments at that time. After it we decided to record 4 more songs before we finally get home. They are: Utakata, Chiisana Koi no Uta, Bubbly, and Life is Like a Boat.


We saw it.. the female staffs whose looks were very annoying and irritating. Never get in to it anymore.. WHAT A WASTE

Don’t Say We Love Genius

Genius PenTablet 8x6

What I’ve experienced last week. I was in a hurry of getting a graphic tablet because it’s really a bad thing if you left something that was not belong to you for almost 1 year (thanks for your patience anyways). I needed this for my procrastinating projects. I started to feel uncomfortable if I use Pen Tool rather than graphic tablet. With GT I could express what’s in my mind freely. Not complicated, not fulfilled with complicity.

I thought it was only IDR 700,000. So I just went directly to the store with an enough cash in hand. The girl said to me that she was sorry for telling me the wrong price. It’s IDR 1,350,000 for the latest version of Graphire.

She got me.

And after a long pause––she said,
“The size is similar with this (points to the MousePen).”

It was big, and .. certainly cheap. There’s a mouse provided. Unlike WACOM (I regretted for what I’ve said). I could get them all for only IDR 500,000.

But, I suddenly remembered what my teacher had told me. “It’s very regretful, if you choose Genius.” So, I decided to firstly test the product. I didn’t know if a product goes to the right side or bad side. Tried it out.

And the conclusion is: Don’t say we love Genius.

There was pen pressure, as the box said, but I couldn’t feel it..
There was no double click feature..
Its surface was not smooth..
There was no eraser..

Don’t say we love Genius, even though I already know that you will definitely hate him ;D.

(P.S. I didn’t bring him home!)

He’s gone

=pupuceritanya berawal dari hari kamis

gw rencananya mau ngedit video yang bakal make mac. jd gw bawa mac gw sama smuamuanya ama =pupu= (baca: ext hdd) gw.

sampai d mobil gw br inget hr kamis ada chapel. dan gw merasa beruntung karena gw membawa mac gw di dlm tas conan gw karena dasi gw ada di tas conan gw.

sampe skul, gw buka mac terus krn mau coba network-an sama cindy via airport (gara2 cindy sama2 mac)

dan waktu bisnis, gw pasng hdd gw ke mac gw. dan ..

secara ga sengaja, salah satu dr anak business itu pas mau keluar nyenggol hdd gw sampai kabel penghubung hdd sama mac nya copot dan hdd pun jatuh terbanting ke lantai.

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