Pentingnya Folder ‘Downloads’

Awal-awal rilis leopard, kita bisa pakai stacks. Stacks tu sesuatu yg ada d bagian kanan dock kita.


Sebenernya termnya bukan stacks sih, gua ga tau apaan dan males nyari juga. Yang jelas doi bisa jadi bentuk folder, bisa jadi bentuk stacks. Pada di pic di atas, kalo bentuk folder itu seperti 2 folder pada bagian kiri. Kalau bentuk stacks, itu yg sperti tumpukan file / folder pd 2 file bagian kanan.

Yah anggap aja termnya ‘stacks’.
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Download Video Youtube

Daripada kupipes link ke [www], mending jadiin link berikut ini bookmarklet: MP4 it (caranya di drag ke bookmarks toolbar di atas)

Nanti kalo udah, coba aja buka 1 video di youtube, terus klik bookmarkletnya, terus ntar muncul kyk gini:

Tinggal di ctrl klik Download as MP4 nya <3

I hate IE

The title says it all. Internet Explorer a.k.a. IE is a very annoying browser for some ‘lazy’ web designers including me. When I’ve finished a design, the first thing to do is to test it on major browsers whether it will or won’t work fine. First test on Firefox and it works perfectly. Second test on Opera. Third test on Camino, and so on; and finally,the last test, which is conducted on IE. Why last? Because I need to press my Macbook’s power button, click restart, and when he ‘dings’, press+hold option key, click the Windows HD icon, and voila! Congratulations I now can access IE.

The last test will always FAIL at first run. The design goes very messy. Still need to fix it with Crimson Editor and upload it to my web hosting server (since I haven’t already installed XAMPP on my Windows HD—I’m too lazy to do it) to see the differences.

Finished? BIG NO. Still need to check it on IE6, IE5, IE4, etc. and I bet it will be still messy!

I hate IE :D

Oh and anyways! Do you like my current blog design? I’m planning to change it though :(